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The Italian American Magazine NYC.IT (former NEWYORKCITYVENEZIA), which has been published for almost ten years, has changed its headline in "ATLANTIS" in June-July 2012 issue.  

Atlantis is the mythological continent described by Plato. For us it is also an imaginary and metaphysical place situated halfway between Europe and America, an ideal inter-essence between European and USA culture and interests, a restart of the Atlantic Alliance founded on the common defence of the institutions of liberal democracy, of free market and of individual liberties. A container for information which, without forgetting the specificity of the territories where it is coming from, that are Venice and the Italian North East, New York and the U.S. Northeast, becomes an instrument of debate on the key issues related to the progress and development. Atlantis will be also a means for reflecting on the opportunities which new international scenarios offer to Italy. In the site there is the possibility to read the articles published in the journal paper and for the iPad, enriched with additional multimedia contents and (soon) possible to download from iTunes using the link located on this Home Page.